Here I Sit

March 18, 2008
By Courtney Anderson, Wodonga, ZZ

Here I sit, looking up at the blue sky.
I can feel the summer breeze through my hair.

There are trees stretching their leaves to the clouds.
I can hear birds singing their tunes.
This is our place but it is missing something.

Here I sit in our garden mourning my love.
The children are laughing while they play.
The flowers are opening their many coloured petals to the world. But there is still something missing.

Here I sit on the damp grass and I can feel the tears creeping down my cheek.
There is so much beauty in the nature around me but all I can think of is you. Was it only yesterday that we sat here embracing each other? Yes, it was but it feels like a lifetime because you are not here sitting by me and you never will again.

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