Dimensions of the Mind

March 18, 2008
By Holly Tran, Middletown, RI

I understand the pain of the mourning,
Their tears like falling poison draining from the tempered heart,
How the sentiments plunge into the stomach as the ram plunges through air,
How the core hardens and sinks like lead upon lifeless water

And the surrounding world pleas for resuscitation, screaming, “Come back! Wake up!”
Wake up from the consuming nightmare that toils with such voracity
How whimsical thoughts can carry the mind afar into great wonders,
Cumulating dreams like a growing mountain of snow until the weight grows too burdensome and an avalanche sets off,
The initial crashing and thereafter shatter

How the sympathetic smiles and words only transform the mere wound into a crevasse,
Producing jagged shrapnel that cuts to the fragile touch,
Raw diamonds to translucent glass
How the convoluted perspective withers and wilts like decaying roses,
Beauty mutating into irresponsive recessive shells

The former memories that inundate the vulnerable mind, sweeping aside the slightest bit of reality,
The innocent bystanders, unable to fully comprehend the situation waver uncertainly as the young tree sways to the turbulent wind,
Strong but able to be uprooted with an arbitrary burst of strength
The close familiar ties, share a myriad of pounding sentiments that either unite or separate a pre-existing structure
The faceless beings, continue in a separate dimension, unaware and undisturbed
All these I see or know,

I know the dying rose, holding thorns as a shield to protect its delicate soul,
Rain and sun pelt upon its thin skin and gradually weathers the outer layers
I see the diminishing light that emulates from wounded stars,
The after effects of a supernova where everything in close proximity caves into an abyss

Empathy is my second skin,
I wear the cries of the mourning and I cry along
My pain echoes harmonically by the side of the fallen,
Two birds shot by one stone

I am the witness
The greatest heartbreak known to man playing before my eyes
I feel the dagger slicing through my numbed skin, sinking into my core
An invasion that takes like a sudden jolt
I feel nothing and all I see is blur

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