Note of My Past

March 18, 2008
By Caitlin Lindwe, Weston, FL

I love you
Take to your gentle whispers
The elaborate sadly
Of myself and what I’ve become

But love letters are
Suicide notes to the devil
What shall I call this?
A piece of territory?

Your words take hold
And binds my heart forever
My tears turn into diamonds
In the your cushioned palm

My glass covered eyes
Once looked upon your
Heavenly face
But now, they crack

My lips chap with pain
As my tongue grow weak
And my ears deafen of what I have screamed
My eyes turn away from my fear

Your words fade into nothingness
As your memory fades like words on a page
Your smile disappears into the oceans of my soul
Nothing is left of you

You were once my present
Now you crossed the river into my past
Your swamped the jungles of my memory
In a forbidden area

An area that I did not know existed
Your memory will live among the millions of my screams
And of the gentle words you once spoke
Upon my suicide note to the devil

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