The Rhythm of the Waves

March 10, 2008
By sarah shefferly, Clarkston, MI

The delicate rays of sunshine
beat against her golden locks,
her mind twisted into a whirlwind of thoughts.
Not knowing where to go
or how to get there,
she walks on,
feet stomping gently ont the cool wet sand.
Her life tangled up in a giant ball of yarn;
pink cheeks streaked with tears that were once there.
The waves crawl up the sand,
in a soothing rhythm.
Her lips curve into a gently smile
and her blue eyes brighten.
The whirlwind of thoughts calms
and the once twisted mind becomes unraveled.
She walks on towards teh endless horizon;
not knowing where she is going,
or how to she got there,
only leaving behind the fading footprints in the cool wet sand.

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