March 10, 2008
By Antoinette Finazzo, Clarkston, MI

It is the anticipated season--summer.
A sweet overwhelming of warmth to the soul.
Nothing is scarcely similar to a reminiscent breeze
tagging along with the proud sun on a peaceful morning.
A rapidly still sky carries on just above, reflecting the happiness brought down below it in earth colored eyes.
Mother nature surely does not disappoint.
Flowers and trees carry on with eachother, dancing to the beat of bare footed steps, while children with their message of simplicity do just the same.
A time when all can indulge in the simple scenes of oceans shores, keeping a rhythm for all who are
A content sun stays smiling.
A graceful and selective transition occurs, trading the beams of yellow for comforting tones in dark.
The day shifts.
Another breeze is sent with the air, alerting the lanterns of the tickling grass to come alive, and light the way.
Another signals the choir of synchronized and melodious crickets to perform their awaited symphony.
The stars pulse with promise.
The moon basks in blues.
Another day of the simple yet successful season--summer.

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