Lips of Danger

March 10, 2008
By Sydney McCarthy, Elizabethtown, KY

Alcohol fuels the monsters within me,
Infidelities shouting stories from your veins,
Water slips through my fingers,
Your passion falls unheard on deafened ears.

The mistakes I knew I would make,
Send me spiraling downward on a lost path,
I kiss the lips of danger,
The taste of tequila strong on his breath.

Fasten your seatbelts,
Prepare for the drumbeats pounding in my head,
Vomit lingering on my sinful lying lips,
My mistakes yelling up at you in an unheard promise.

Sincerity is best when lies are all you know,
Biting my tongue until blood washes over my lips,
Arguments passed through the phone lines,
Your cold tongue lashing out at my distress.

I beg for my mind to take me away,
Drunken nights illuminate my dreams,
Smoke clouds fill my solitary wishes,
Making time slow to a frozen halt.

Frostbitten I stand among the rejects,
Passion fueling the thoughts of alcohol in my mind,
Ignoring the cruel monsters clawing in my belly,
I fight the mistakes as they hurtle towards me.

Forgiving me for my insecure drunken nights,
I fight the pain that dares to surface,
It’s over and all is forgiven,
But the kiss of danger I cannot forget.

Haunted still by his tequila breath,
Apologies still rolling off my tongue,
Speaking with a silent voice,
The alcohol beckons my return.

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