A Sunshine State Of Mind

March 10, 2008
By Chris Young, Clarkston, MI

Which way would I want to go?
If I knew what I want.
Would it be where the wind blows?
Or maybe where the sun shines?
I miss that sun shine
Which gave me life
She was so good to me
Made me feel like nothing
Not Nothing, I mean Something
I mean I could float and fly
Wherever in the sky
Energy like you wouldn't believe
World in my hands,
I felt like a king
Now I forgot what sunshine I was talking about.
One lit up the dark.
The other lit up my heart.
Now have to start
Never me and she will be
Our love grows and grows
Strong as an oak tree
She puts the HAPPY
It's just a test
God will make easy on me hopefully
Then when I'm free
I'll run back to my sunshine
And live forever happily

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