Awe of the scene

March 10, 2008
By Shannon Goebel, Clarkston, MI

The sky was full of clouds
while Keera rustles her hair attempting to fix it.
The sky grew darker, and a wet drpo fell from above as a small dog appeared.

The dog scurried towards her blue chair on the crisply cut lawn,
heading into the direction of the table with pink lemonade on top, and
spilling it on her shorts.

Over the fence next door, two Dalmatians yelped at the commotion while Keera hurried away to change;
the peanut butter sandwich was now gone.

Her eyes leapt out of her face, mouth ajaw in awe,
the newly poured glass slipped out of her smooth ghastly hands
as she stepped outside to the green-like and swirling sky.

Awe of the scene.
Whatever happened to the sunny day minutes before?
Or the sandwich or dog?

As if it never happened,
eyes bolted open.
Dreaming on a chair.

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