Outside Looking In

April 18, 2008
Outside looking in,
A window of my future
My hopes, my dreams, my fears
In a daydream of my upcoming
And long lasting
A hundred hats go in the air
As I graduate for the first and only time,
I’m seeing smiling faces
With no trepidation
In sight
Looking at myself
Now I’m hoping this is right.
Standing under a willow tree
Proposing to my first and only wife,
Looking deep into the windows of her soul
Hoping this is right.
Looking through a window,
As a teller deposits my check,
A check for my first job
I’m hoping this is right
Staring through a window
Of a nursery inside,
Where a dozen holy angels
Are crying their tiny cries
I’m crying too
Because I know
That one of them
Is mine.
My first and only child
Hoping, dreaming, fearing
That maybe this is right.
I’m walking into school
A tiny hand in mine
Taking him to kindergarten
For his first and only time.
Hugging him and leaving
Feeling panic on his skin
Glancing back to see
The windows on his eyes,
Hoping this will stay right.
I’m waiting at my window
My wife waiting by my side
Watching my first grandchild
Walking hand in hand
With mine,
We open our front door
A greeting with a hug
Realizing for the very first time,
I’ve known that this was right.

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