My Life

April 18, 2008
By Harley Whalen, Chesnee, SC

I live my life everyday with a smile painted upon my face.
When people see me, they don't see me.
They see the act I put on everyday.
I pretend everything's okay when it isn't.
No one would understand it if I told them what is really going on.
But I stay strong. I don't let anyone see the real me.
The real me is afraid.
When I'm alone, I let it out, I cut, I scream, just let my feelings out.
Underneath my fake act is a girl who can't face him.
No matter what I do or say, I can't.
I'm strong but not strong enough.
I hate having to live without him.
So when you see me, you're not really seeing me.
You see me with my fake smile putting on an act pretending everything's okay.

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