April 18, 2008
By Samantha Lent, Peekskill, NY

Failing is something you don’t want to do
The life and things I know I blew
When it comes to life I failed
As I breathe the air I inhaled

The things I did replayed in my head
All the books of messed up life I read
There are consequences that changed my mind
My eyes were blocked and I was blind

Don’t give up if you did wrong
You will still have to go long
Don’t look back in the past
You might just give up very fast

Life is sometimes nothing but mazes
Even if my attitude blazes
Things I do is nothing but trouble
Your life will pay probably double

Don’t ever be scared to fail
But I know every time you will wail
Your failure has an impact
You might have to put on a act

One that might help you out of your issues
Do you know that you’ll use tissues
Start you life over do it right
For your life you need to fight, fight, fight

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