You Have to Love Those Fairytales

April 17, 2008
You have to love those fairytales
that make little girls believe
in happiness

That wishes can come true

They want to believe in love stories
that happy endings are real

They think the world is perfect
that nothing can go wrong

Or if it does
you can make a wish
that only magic could ever fix

The secret lessons
of a perfect world
go unnoticed
but are there

On the televison
and in the magazines
you see those pretty faces
The princess want-to-bes

How you wish
to be like those girls

The girl that the princes always want

Because there is a reason
Little girls believe in love stories
and that happy endings are real

They have never met a prince
out there looking for a damsel in distress
or his true love in a tower

For even if he gets his wish
he wont be faithful forever

The pain
the tears
of reality
are too hard to bare

So lessons of perfection
and immortality
are taught to you
to make you belive

Cinderella's slipper won't break
Rapunzel's hair will never turn gray
and someone's kiss will always wake Sleeping Beauty up

the pure
no where near perfect
truth of happiness
from a nobody.

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brianmichael said...
Sept. 1, 2008 at 8:08 pm
wow katelyn, this is really good.
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