April 17, 2008
By Jennifer Fish, Phoenix, AZ

Life is like a big mystery. You never know wher it will take you next.Wether it is gonna end happy or sad. Always on your tip-toes. Thinking, asking and wondering will i live another day, minute, or a second? Will this this be my last breathe? Will I wake up in the morning? This is like a game, who can last the longest? As i sit here and wonder will i ever go to college? Will i live to have kids? I wonder, what if my life is being written down as i live it? Will i go to heaven? All these questions can't be answered. So all i can do for now is wonder. As i sit here wondering if my power button will be pushed soon, to end the pain in which my heart feels. i think i live a slow dying life. When i feel sad everybody is happy. So i put on a simle when deep inside i am crying, but i keep going. Bottled up inside are my real feelings while on the outside everybody sees how i wish felt. They see through the lie i put on my face everyday of my life.

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