Dragged Into...

April 17, 2008
By Victoria Langford, Klamath Falls, OR

Dragged into hell without a say
May GOD be ashamed for what happened those days

When Satan went by a different name
Maybe so he could pass the blame

He worked us till we couldn’t stand
And let us play in deaths own hand

A fire, so scary, so certain and wild
Some days it looked more inviting than mild

Just me and my father one for the other
Try not to think of what happened to mother

He left me there in hells wanted health
Now I play in death, just me and myself

Through the journeys and starving and wanting to sleep
I managed to climb out of hell so deep

Men out of heaven, angels I swear
Helped me get better, they actually cared

Days later, I looked in the mirror
And what I saw shook me with fear

I should have been dead; for a corpse that I saw
He has never left me, not even today, not at all

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