Whisper in my Mind

April 17, 2008
By Lea D, Guttenberg, IA

I can sit here in front of you.
Not listening, not even caring.
Your mouth continues to move with words i cant hear.
I cant comprehend my life.
Everywhere around me there are moving mouths but no words.
Screams are silenced and songs are moved to desolate wastelands.
Where no one speaks and no one smiles.
My mind is a blank document and when i try to recall its memory, it overrides.
I simply want to forget everything that has been and is.
The future ahead looks bright only because the present is so dim.
Blackness descends on us, but what are we to do?
I have no flashlight to guide my way.
No lantern to see through the unknown.
For that is what the world is to me and many others.
Unknown, mysterious, and simply painful.
The only think i know, the only thing i see, is you infront of me.
Your mouth moving with words unknow and never to be heard.

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