April 17, 2008
By ashley shrewsbury, Fairfield, OH

As I sit on my bed and the lights turn out,
I huddle to myself because im scared of what lurks about,
The windows are open- the curtains flowing in,
Another thing that scares me is the howling of the wind,

As I close my restless eyes- scared to fall asleep,
My thoughts fade to the dream in which emotions are so deep,
I struggle to wake up- this isn't a place i want to be,
no- you would never believe the images that i see,

they are never good passed this point of madness,
My noises, tears and movements prove to you my sadness,
sitting up- faster than lightning hits the ground,
so scared to move- i feel my heartbeat start to pound,

shivering cold-as i huddle to my covers,
flashes in my head- make my body shutter,
grabbing hold my head- shutting tight my eyes,
thinking to myself and wondering simply why,

why do I keep having this dream in which i cannot face,
I wish I were anywhere except this horrid place,
now how could i ever go back to sleep,
with all these good thoughts i know i cannot keep...

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