April 17, 2008
By Laura Ferruggia, Voorhees, NJ

The squiggles you emanate are odd—
Radiating like sun, they poison my heart
So I'm engaged by every word,
And I'm sure, were I less numb,
The ecstasy would slowly flow from me.

We're complementary—in the greyscale rainbow.
I get ahead of things with my suggestive smile.
The light that glistens the most reflects from the cracks,
And I want to be the glue gun to your shattered glass.
I'd fuse our limbs together, crooked and lithe.

Forgotten in the attic, in a shiny display case,
We must gaze from the other side
So we can blow the dust away.
And when we rise from sparkling ash,
I'll whisper that your rays are blinding.

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