Her Purse Her Keys

April 17, 2008
By Kayla Blanton, Louisville, KY

her purse her keys the car the wall
thats the night she lost it all
she drove to fast her head unclear
never guessing that the end was near
the raod was slick with ice and snow
fake santas red lights
the road too bright
with christmas glow
the car spun fast her mind went blank
the wheels lost traction her heart quickly sank
then came the pain and finally the end
toward the sky she began to descend
wise men say that death solves all
but up here in heaven she felt so small
the thought of living without her family made her so sad
even the father she never really had
she thought of the boy with those wonderful eyes
they had exchanged heartfelt i love you's and they hadnt been lies
the thought of never seeing his smile, his soft brown hair
with out his loving embrace she just couldnt bare
she searched for some paper a pen and she wrote
she would sneak back to earth to leave him a note
she thought and she though to find just how to say
she still loved him and missed him and she'd see him some day
when finally she felt she got it just right
she looked over it ,kissed it and sealed it up tight
alone in the dark he couldnt hide his tears
for the last place she rested lyed all of his fears
to accept she was gone he could never do
he was broken inside his heart in two
in his hand clutched the ring in a box with a bow
he had something planned that night and she didnt know
he was going to make her his wife for worse or for better
he bent down to place it on her grave when he saw the letter
he looked closely and recognized his own name
he knew her writing by heart and this was the same
he opened it up and began to speak
his voice shook with uncertainty frail and weak
"i loved you so, but i had to leave
therefore this letter you must recieve
you were my heart my love my true
the only person i ever wanted to be with was you
every day that the sunshines bright
im up here in heaven wishing to hold you tight
everytime it rains, for your tears feel no shame
for i am somewhere feeling the same
though it may feel we are so far apart
we will always be close see, we share the same heart"
he read that last word it hung in the air
the end so bittersweet it didnt feel fair
he tilted his head and looked toward the sky
a life time with out her seemed forever to pass by
but her words seamed a guide somehidden strength
to live his life for her instead of with grief and angst
the light of their love out shone the unclear
cradled the pain,and made bareable the fear

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