April 17, 2008
By Katrina Campanero, Ewa Beach, HI

Did you know changes occur almost everyday?
A major change people go through is the “child to teen” stage.
Transitioning from a child to a teen isn’t as fun and easy as it may seem. Right?
Well, I thought so.
Back then, I’d be so eager to go to school.
Now, I’m just too damn tired to even wake up in the morning.
Remember when we were younger?
The only thing we could get from the opposite gender was cooties,
We never cared about what we wore or how we looked,
even if it was “bok-bok”.
Now girls are too concerned about how they look,
always trying to impress someone
and boys are growing hair off their face like werewolves.
We were also able to say anything to each other,
without worrying about hurting the other person’s feelings
because we’d all just laugh about it.

I liked it better when we were still younger
There were fewer problems to deal with;
things weren’t taken as seriously as it is now.
We make life seem so complicated than it already is.
Although it is a good thing that we are growing up and experiencing new things,
it sometimes takes the fun out of
because of how we’re suppose to act now; mature.
When we were younger making mistakes wasn’t too bad
because you’d always here from mommy and daddy or any grown up “Don’t worry about it, you’re still a kid”;
But now its “You should’ve known better, you’re old enough to know!”
I couldn’t wait to be a teen because then I could be one of the “big kids”, and not the “little ones”.
When I think about it, sometimes I just wish that I could be a kid forever.
But then again, life could get better,
I guess?

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