A Fire Inside

April 17, 2008
By Luis Lugo, Madison, WI

Beyond the Light,Lies
A world of eternal cries
Understanding, Anguish Blight
No language can turn it Right

Eternal Love, Given within
Eternal Pain, Rejection
An all going passion, Hatred give in
An all going Despair

As I am Gasping for Air
Calling out my Love, You see me Drown
In the Black Water, Bring me down

Hatred set You Free
Hatred saw me Die Invain
When Love set me Free, within the powers- that be
There isn't anything you could of done,My Love insane

obsession you say, Depression I Blame
My life flashes, My Death Thrashes
Unknown to Me, My Love,My passion set me Free
And now I Drown, Beneath you let me Die
And now I Die with A Fire Inside.

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