Didn't He Wonder

April 17, 2008
By Morgan Skaggs, Desloge, MO

Didn’t he wonder,
Didn’t he care?
That all she ever wanted,
Was love to be bared,
She sat at home,
Waited for him,
But instead he went,
With all of them,
No prom for her,
She thought to herself,
She knew she was replaced,
By the higher shelf,
She laid in her bed,
She sat and cried,
In her pretty pink prom dress,
Hidden inside,
When she heard a knock,
On her window pane,
She ignored it all,
Thinking it’s the rain,
She opened the window,
With one question in mind,
But when she looked out,
She didn’t find,
She shut her window,
And turned around,
But when she did,
A young man was found,
He was her crush,
From a year ago,
Waiting to go to prom,
With the angel far below.

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