Beat the Clock

April 17, 2008
By Angie Dickinson, Delta Junction, AK

One clock ticking down
Your breath is steady and slow
One shot to take it all…’re ready…set…go!

The legs feed the wolf
But your tired body wants to stop
You’re hungry to win
So you push to the top

You’re angered with pain
Your lungs heaving to pop
The goal line is close
Until then you can’t drop

Victory means beating the clock
Time’s not your friend
So you race and can’t stop

The sweat on your face
The speed of the race
Your heart beating fast…don’t lose your pace

Girls are falling behind
You’re gaining ahead
The line seems so close
But your legs feel so dead

Your body pulls back
Your chest lurches over the line
The win is a fact
It’s your time to shine

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