This Time, Grandpa MAG

January 10, 2012
By Cassie Olsen BRONZE, Kenmore, New York
Cassie Olsen BRONZE, Kenmore, New York
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I’ve been here every day now
The car ride seems perpetual
The silence has endured
And the radio only seems to hum
They’ve forced you into room after room
And now
Here’s just another occupied space
With just another abbreviated name
All the rooms are the same
All impersonal
All so plain I can’t imagine living here
How can you endure all the pain?
I wish I could understand you
I wish you could speak
To me
As you once did
There is a murmur of no recovery
And a whisper
That you will not be the same
It is something that I already see
Something you cannot hide
Silence drifts in and out of corridors
Cleaning fluid engulfs the halls
My head is pounding
From the stench or stress
I don’t know
What I do know is that I love you
Something I never knew before
We float back
To the waiting room
The room was made
To be comfortable
It has missed this goal
The same way I feel
Nothing has been accomplished
And nothing has been silenced
This day to day
It has gotten us nowhere
Maybe nowhere is better
I thank God
You have not gone anywhere

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