A Father and Daughter Moment at the Park

April 17, 2008
By Dan Patterson, Lincoln, NE

It was a mild spring day/ Not too warm or too cold/ Just a little bit windy/ The perfect Saturday for a visit to the park

Alejandro Raverez/ 38 / Short; portly / With eyeglasses

Belinda Sanchez-Raverez/ 36 / 5’ 4 ½” / And borderline anorexic

Samantha Sanchez-Raverez/ 3 ½ / 54 inches / Energetic

They make their way/ Down the curvature of 30th and Leighton avenue/ Empty save for a red jeep/ And waving pine trees

To Woodside Playground/ Whose soul personage consists of: A jungle gym set/ A red marry-go-round/ A peach swing set and butterfly and fire truck rockers

Samantha eagerly takes to the jungle gym/ With wide-eyed wonder and a child’s understanding/ She falls off the brown steps – Not hard enough to cause injury, but, just enough to bring tears to her eyes

As she begins bawling/ Alejandro scoops her up/ Like delicate china/ Wipes her face and quiets her with a grape juice box

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