Final Steps

April 17, 2008
By Breanna Berry, Aurora, CO

Each day that passes, I anticipate that date,
I better cherish my time here now before it’s too late.
Wearing that long robe and hat, tassel dangling on the right,
So many thoughts running rapidly while gazing into the light.

I only have one month left

Only wishing and hoping in all the previous years,
That the day that I’m done with school will quickly grow near.
Now with the commencement date coming closer, and closer,
In a way I regret the thought of wishing it was over.

I only have one month left

I was always told that you last four years would fly right by you,
Here, right now I’ve proven that statement to be true.
My four years of high school just completely flew right by,
Like a rocket taking flight into the never ending sky.

I only have one month left

Before I know it I’ll have a diploma in my hand,
I used to think that high school was a process I would never understand.
The National Anthem will be sang by several girls, and guys,
With the thought of final high school years bringing tears to each student’s eyes.

I only have one month left

Tassels of green and white being placed on the opposite side,
Symbolizing our last step of this rollercoaster ride.
Awaiting the month of May the final and last date,
Soon everyone will be congratulating the class of 2008.

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