I Was That Friend

December 20, 2011
By SilentWonder PLATINUM, Corry, Pennsylvania
SilentWonder PLATINUM, Corry, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
"Trust is not given it is earned."
"Friend; Boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, all theses words end with the word end except for family, it has I love you at the end."

"Can't run from your problems but you run until you collapse."

Where would you go
if you had no home?
where would you fit in
if you felt misplaced?
How would you react
if someone called you fat?
All these questions
need answers
but I have
this special someone
who has always felt alone
someone who has a good heart
and a brave mind
but no one
would give her time
she was sick
and she needed a friend
but all the others
would take one look at her
and through her
in the den
they called her
four eyes
homeless freak
and a total geek
who does not belong
they called her fat
and told her
to get rid of that
and that day
I turned my eyes
to her and I took her side
I was that friend
who made her life better
I was that friend
who changed her life forever
I couldn't handle
her sadness
she always had her head down
always thrown around
I couldn't bare the sound
of her being
beaten to the ground
filled with scars and bruises
but she had
taking all those likens
and she kept on fighting,
she kept on ticking,
I was that friend
who stood up for her
the first friend she ever had
I had felt so glad
I was that friend
that stayed by her side
until the end
she was such a great person
and god took her away
and that day
I found out
her cancer
got the best of her
I fell to my bleeding knees
and ask Jesus, please,
tell me she is okay
tell me she is alright
tell me you will
protect her
through these crucial nights
I pray
for you, my friend
and when it comes to my end
I will Always Be That Friend

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem about someone I use to know. My first friend, she died when she was nine and I was ten
and I remember her so well because I was that friend who really did change her life forever. I miss her but I believe she is doing perfect lying in heaven with the angels and Jesus watching over her. She is still with me some how in some way and I stand tall and brave. she was my first friend and I was totally lost when her cancer brought her life to an end.

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