April 17, 2008
By Natalie Miller, East Hills, NY

They looked at each other,
There was nothing left to be said.
She knew what he had done,
All her tears had shed.

Their passion was over,
The love they thought would last.
They both had given up,
They knew their time had passed.

The feelings he once felt
Slowly faded til’ they were gone,
All she did was love him
But he was so withdrawn.

Guilt and sorrow filled his heart
For being with someone new,
It was a suspicion all along,
He knew they were through.

She couldn’t hold on any longer,
Their love was a one way street.
She was heading for a dead end
That only led to retreat.

The hope she had was shattered
That they would love once again.
She had to eventually move on,
The real question was when.

He went on with his life
While she cried herself to sleep.
Imagining life without him
All she seemed to do was weep.

True love was all she needed,
Now her love was gone.
He was holding someone else,
How could she go on?

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