That Moment

April 17, 2008
By sam kreisberg, Roslyn, NY

Taking that first step forward,
Leaving it all behind.
I don’t know what to expect next,
But it won’t change my mind.

I am caught up in the moment,
You take my breath away.
Every time I see you,
I run out of things to say.

The way you look at me,
The smile I give you back.
Not knowing what to do,
I am falling in love with you.

Time and time again,
The moment plays into my mind.
We are standing by the window,

Our eyes connect,
Our hearts share a beat,
I want to hold you closer,
It seems like ten feet.

That exact moment,
I knew what was to come.
We hold hands
We get close
I pull away.

What am I getting into?
This is my best friend,
The one I want as a girlfriend.
Can this really be?
It feels like a dream.

She looks at me.
A smile widens over her face.
She comes towards me,
I relax.

Let’s take that next step forward,
And forget the friendship in the past.

The love is meant to be,
We are meant to be.
Everything fell into place,
That moment.

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