My Grandma

December 20, 2011
By , Cannon Falls, MN
My grandma is always happy.
Happy yo see me.
She always see s things in a positive way,
and makes others do the same
She always has time for me.
No matter how busy she is.

My grandma always puts everyone before her.
She always knows
the right things to say
She always knows
exactly what to do
to cheer someone up when they’re having a bad day.

My grandma encourages me to keep working hard
because one day, it will pay off.
She always shows how proud she is
of the “A” I got on my math test,
while others act like
they couldn’t care less.

My grandma listens
to everything I say,
and never judges me.
She is the most trustworthy person I know.
I can tell her all my secrets
and know they’re safe with her.

My grandma taught me
how to bake the best cookies.
She taught me to be happy with who I am
and what I've accomplished.
She thinks I’m perfect,
And wouldn’t change anything about me.

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