A Little Thing Called Love

April 17, 2008
By Amber Charland, Loganville, GA

Deep down im starting to ache
Wondering if i made a mistake
Every night and day my mind races
And my heart paces
When I think of you
I dont know what to do
I love you dearly
and that is seen clearly
Its a scary feeling that i cant control
My heart was once a whole
but all that is left is a part
I fell for you from the start
Even though i tried so hard not to
Months passed on and i finally knew
that i was a goner
But sadly you left me for her
and my world was a mess
I must truly confess
that ive never felt this way before
My friends try to help but its no more
Trying can only last so long
And listening to that song
Makes me weep knowing it may never be
Id give anything for it to be you and me
Walking down the halls you look away
and no matter what they say
I cant just pick up and move on
Even if what we had is gone
At night i hold my pillow tight
tears fall as i try to fight
the fact that you are not what i thought
Over time every lie told i bought
but i have to be strong and let go
So i am telling you so you know
Im done, im fed up, no more crying
No more sad nights and no more trying
Im letting it go, and letting you go.
Over the months i loved you so
But you broke me and its time
You really did cross the line
So now i must say goodbye
With a relieful sigh..

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