A Moment

April 17, 2008
By Sloane Wolter, O'Fallon, IL

The dull noise of chatting does litttle to disguise the thick anticipation in the air as we sit in our desk chairs so shiny and new-like and porcelain and our breath quickens and we shuffle our things to prepare and we stare at the clock and the second hand moves so slowly and someone in the back of the room is counting off, the only one wearing a watch, and he knows that this is his moment of recognition, this time when people turn to him and need him to clarify the time, and what is life if not time, and he will be included and isn't that what everyone really wants so he jumps at the chance and we wait and put our books onto our laps so it will be easier to stand so we can get to the next class on time, not late, we are here, we can say we were here to listen as the life is slowly drained from us and the counter's monotonous voice is quivering just slightly and three...two...one


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