Swollen Toes

January 9, 2012
By , santa monica, CA
Swollen toes thrust down into my point shoes.
I strive for perfection through pain for dance.
I watch the nimble ballerinas fly,
admiring their grace across the floor.
My mind is cluttered with infinite thoughts.
Do dancers have massive burdens of work?
Do we all share the same anxiety?
Is it worth the heartache, struggle and fear?
When will my work become beneficial?
I feel despair when robbed of my obsession.
I leap across the stage, filled with relief.
Waiting for my busy head to stop throbbing,
And waiting for my breaths to stop panting.
I feel resentment for the work overload
Each dance break is occupied by schoolwork,
for it is the only way to succeed.
Thankfully dance becomes my stress relief.
I drown amidst the pressure of it all.
Though I’m aware education comes first,
dance is my joyous, unquenchable thirst.

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