Little Old Me

January 9, 2012
~Alone. Alone in this
~Big old world where no one seems to
~Depression creeping up on me.
~Every second of the day seems to bring about sorrow.
~Far away from the world. That is where I hide.
~Gathering strength to make it through the day.
~Holding my head up high,
~I manage to trick my friends. We
~Joke around, but once I am alone nothing is there to
~Keep me from breaking down.
~Little old
~Me; all alone.
~Nothing seems to help. No amount
~Of medication makes the day an easier to overcome.
~Pulling me down like a ten ton brick;
~Quietly sucking the life out of me. I pray for someone to
~Rescue me.
~Save me.
~Tell me that everything will be okay. Reality quickly
~Undermines me and keeps me down. Killing me slowly and painfully, like
~Venom being injected into my body.
~With each breath I fade away
~X- iting this world. I leave behind so much
~Yet none of it is important. Slowly I
~Zone back, but not for long. Little old me.

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kev132 said...
Jan. 12, 2012 at 2:29 pm
Great job !
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