Hey Jude

April 17, 2008
By Izzy Dishong, Gilbert, AZ

Hey Jude

A classic that will never die
Soothing lyrics and melodies
That are good for the soul
And “guaranteed to raise a smile”

They taught us not to worry
Because everything is going to be all right
Not to ponder how great yesterday was
But how great you could make today

When I listen to the soft music
I feel as though I am in a dream
Forgetting the troubles and problems
That was trapped in my head just moments ago

The world becoming a beautiful blur
Being able to relate to every song
Memorizing the catchy and inspiring words

Banish the horrid thoughts of war and violence
Discover a way to keep the peace
May there be no discrimination against sex, religion, or race
Remember who you are to judge the way other people live their lives

The Beatles showed us all these thoughts of peace
Made us smile when we were depressed
And brought people together
Singing “All you need is love”


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