Obituary to an old gift

January 9, 2012
By musicliveson BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
musicliveson BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
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After a long battle with being crammed in boxes and years of being overly wound up,
Jen’s music box has passed on to years sitting on a book shelf collecting dust, out of commission Although it survived all her childhood years.
Jen will always remember hours of watching the monarch butterfly dance gracefully inside of the glass of the dark oak frame box to the sound of an outdated, unknown melody.
Jen’s grandfather remembers the day his mother gave her the box and how protective she was of it.
The music box was so full of life surviving 3 generations. Many thought it would never die. But those close to it slowly watched it fade.
As the family moved from town to town and place to place, the health of it began to decline.
The butterfly slowly stopped dancing.
The box became bruised and dusty and the gears seemed to fight just to play the melody. The music box is survived by Jen’s memories and other grieving friends and family. A memorial service will be held at the bookshelf. A pretty donation of flowers in a vase is suggested to sit in its place.

The author's comments:
My grandmother gave me a music box when i was little and sadly after years of wear and tear if stopped working. It ment a lot to me so this is me saying good bye to it.

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