time to say goodbye

January 9, 2012
By musicliveson BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
musicliveson BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
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Time to say Goodbye
When they called and said a solider was leaving us for good

They packed up their bags in an instant and drove 5 hours non-stop
Knowing each beat of your heartbeat was
Sacred and the march was coming to an end

When they arrived his daughters
Nancy, Sheryl, and Kathy all said he was waiting
Saying he was
Holding on
So Strong
Like always
For his only son (my dad)

They (my dad and I) sat by you and
Talked about how you always went to Denny’s
Anytime they came to visit and how
The family had “violent” money wars to try to pay the bill
How your granddaughter used to terrorize your poor cat Rebel by
Chasing it around. …
And around…
And around
Your house and how she would only eat Plains-Ville farms turkey (picky cat)
All your stories from world war two
You’re tall fishing tales
Your rather crud since how humor
And how proud you were
Of your Purple Heart

You didn’t die alone they were at your bedside
You didn’t need to be strong no more
You can let your scared body rest
Your legacy lives on always
And don’t worry just as you requested
Your son has your purple heart and couldn’t be more happy he has it
You taught your granddaughter to always be strong
Strong like you were in the war and she will do that

So grandpa I have one question for you how is it to be back with grandma again?

The author's comments:
In creative writing we were asked to write a tribute poem for someone important to us. I selected my grandfather because once he got sick i never saw him. My dad and I were in the room when he died and I will never forget that experience.

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