Balancing Colors

January 9, 2012
By musicliveson BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
musicliveson BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
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― Apple Inc.

Purple pops predominately in my life
It is in a lot if my make-up and clothes
Its reminds me of my child hood when
Finding mom a violet was considered the best gift
It’s reminding my self that my cousin Anna wears purple
(Whose personality is similar to mine)
versus her girly twin sister Caroline adorned in pink
Its delicately painted nails
And a mix of strength (red) and tranquility (blue)
Which is the perfect balance to me

Blue bounces through daily life
How calm I have to be when helping my friends
It’s my gold with blue teardrop earrings my aunt
Bought me when she visted from Kuwait
It’s the tranquilly of the water used in my photography
And most importantly it is my brother’s baby blue eyes
which look back at me everyday when he gets home

Grey is blue’s balance
It’s my slate-blue eyes, the one part of my grandfather I have left
It’s the chain of the yin necklace I wear every day
It’s looking at the stars when I was little and asking my dad
“Why is the moon grey?”
And it’s a balance between white (purity) black (evil)
I am not innocent but not horrible either

Black bellows out of my wardrobe everyday
It’s strength and Confidence
It’s being un-afraid to stand out in a world of hundreds of colors
And to show that no one is perfect and I refuse to be something I am not

Red rages through my life every day
It stands out from among the rest, often a clip in my hair screaming for attention
It’s the blood my grandfather shed when in World War II
It’s the fight not to blend in to a crowd.

All of my balancing colors keep me, well, balanced.

The author's comments:
Colors are viewed every where in the world and many symbolize things to different people.

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