What Stood Before my Door

January 9, 2012
My Story is no different than any other guy.
It begins with me, starting to tie my tie.
A knock, another knock at the door
I peeked out to see what stood before.
I was confused, confounded, and surprised!
This had to be a trick, played by my eyes
I opened up the door, just to make sure.
Yes, there it was, an ostrich stood before.
It had on orange boots, a blue jacket, and a purple hat.
It just stood there, if that.
Silence, silence, on and on.
Glance, glance, yawn and yawn.
Finally I said “Hello”.
Still not a word came from this fellow.
Then it walked into my house.
It looked at me, then became rouse.
It started to come very rough.
It knocked over all my stuff.
Cling! Clang! Zap! Pop!
I finally yelled at it to “Stop!”
It turned around and looked at me.
It then told me it was hungry.
So I went in the kitchen to fetch it a meal.
Trying not to cause a huge ordeal.
I made some pizza to go.
Then he wanted some hot-coco.
So I made him that.
He ate till he was fat.
Finally we said “Goodbye”
I went back to tying my tie.
I looked in the mirror, and thought more and more.
How I would never forget, that ostrich, that came before my door.

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