Morning Sun

April 17, 2008
By Sarah Lee, Congers, NY

There is day and night
Here on earth
When the sun rises
We rise
When the sun sleeps
We sleep
The Sun brings warmth,
Light, and happiness
The moon brings the cold,
Darkness, and fear
We can see where we’re going
With the sun’s light as guidance
The grass grows
The kids play
The day starts
When the sun sets,
Beautiful colors surround us
But when it completely disappears,
We’re in darkness
Fear comes upon us
No more kids playing
No more light, but the artificial street lights
No more warmth
Everything is so still and quiet
We wait until the day starts again
We wait and wait until we get tired
From our fatigue, we go to sleep
And when we rise,
The sun greets us
With a bright and radiant smile

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