A Name

January 6, 2012
By Anonymous

A name, a name, strange and foreign
A name, a name, running around my head
A name that I know is not my own but
A name is all I’ve known

I woke up, my mind new and blank
I woke up with nothing to think about, except
I woke up, feeling old and young
I woke up, a name helped me out of the shadows

The shadows would scare me
The shadows were hungry for fear
The shadows hugged me saying they loved me, then
The shadows ate me when I trusted them

The world I woke up in was dead and empty
The world I woke up in, I was all alone
The world I woke up in, the light came and,
The world I woke up in, I saw life in it.

I was born when I died, I died when I was born
I was born without anything to teach me
I was born yesterday, today, tomorrow
I was born, knowing the name of my friend

Who never existed…

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