It's Too Late

April 16, 2008
By Britney Nesbitt, Bristow, VA

Cant seem to erase the memories you made
Or release animosity from the hurt you continually gave
Not yet ready to let go of resentment I feel
Hoping and praying for my wounds to one day heal
This tension goes so deep, forever I will remain scarred
About this its hard to speak, you made my life so hard
Yes, every struggle has a lesson
Some lesson to be learned
Some say I should count it as a blessing
But look at the bridges you’ve burned
Our relationship has come to a stop, its come to a halt
Confused as to why, when it’s all your fault
In tired of playing these games
When you’re the one to blame
You have no right to say my name
It’s because of you that all of this came
Broken promises alter my perception
Withdrawal from the task at hand, wash away your perfection
I hate this neglection
Do you even care, do I even matter to you
I give up, no, I must not matter to you
It was so foolish of me to believe
In you and all your fantasies
Killing me
Not only physically
But emotionally
Can’t you see???
Missing out on my adolescence, call it a crime
Forget what WE were, the reason for this rhyme
Broken relationship
Going down like a sinking ship
My life’s been a battlefield
All because of your foolish thrills
You didn’t care how I’d feel
You believed you knew what was best for me
Always nagging, you never let me be
You held on so tight, I pushed you away
You thought it was all right; now look at the price we’ve paid
All… from this game you played
I understand it wasn’t really you and naw, it don’t seem real
But that don’t change what you did and it don’t change how I feel
I wish… it weren’t real
I remember those times, those times I remember
When we’d sit and loudly debate
Remember those nights in the middle of December
Those memories fuel my hate
Now I feel it’s too late
It’s too late
To try and take
Back everything you said
Erase the sad life you led
Like Vodka to an alcoholic my writing was my breakthrough
It was the only thing I could do
Survive you
My breakthrough
I’m… so confused
Don’t know what to do
I really wish I didn’t hate you
But I know DEEP inside I love you
Because there’s nothing else I can do.

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