Love Is...

April 16, 2008
By Britney Nesbitt, Bristow, VA

Love is a lethal weapon that should be banned from humanity
It’s the nuclear device that can erase a whole race
It’s almost like a crack fiend with no crack
It… makes you go insane
It’s so confusing
Feels like it’s your mind that you’re losing
Love can play dress up and fool a fool’s eye
It’s the best actor alive
Love can be so cruel
The more you fall in it the harder you land
No one’s at the other end to catch you if you don’t fall right
Love is like a chord on my guitar
You never know when it’s gonna break…
Your heart
It’s your car when you speed
And it crashes and burns
At impact
Love is afraid to love
So it confuses itself with hate
Then it realizes a little too late
That it’s too late
If only Love wasn’t so hard to get
It would be more appreciated
If it didn’t hurt so much
Maybe so many people wouldn’t be afraid to love
Love stands and gives a tedious sentence
To anyone who dares to fall

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