On the Other Side

April 16, 2008
By Shawn Yoakum, Fort Hood, TX

Feelings unreal, can't describe the way I feel. Sad, happy, worried, troubled. Fustration twice the double. Conserned from the situation. Thoughts running past my mind when we were once together at times. Torn through my emotions. Never thought the ones beneath me would be choizen. Thought I was done, thought I was threw, but seems I cant get over you! When we were once one I couldnt stand your ways. But now I wish we could stay! Be together, last forever! I thought if I pulled the lever, the lever on our love. Check the other side, see if it was greener. I grew meaner, twards you. I thought no one could love me ecspecially you. I thought I had to leave you, for what I once knew was a bad relationship. I thought I could easily get over it! Dreamer of a better world on the other side. Never knew I would soon cry. Your lies, your cheats, yeah you had a great defeat. But the defeat was myself. I thought the other side was built in wealth. I thought I was to good for you. How dare you treat me this! So I decided not to stay leaving my love for behind. Body, soul, and mind. Searching for a lets be friends, relationship. Knowing that I loved you didnt even matter anymore. It seems you moved on to a new love. To stubarned to tell you I still loved you. Didnt want to become a fool. Everyone saw but you. Now what am I supposed to do? Wait for some day you love me or slightly think of me. But what happens if we become again I end up being your ex-girlfriend. I think not! I want my feelings to stop! The feelings for you. Afraid you might treat me wrong as if before. But I want to open those doors. I would think of anger for what you did to me in our relations. But as if it is the opposite. It hurts to see you with her!
Feelings unreal, cant describe the way I feel, on the other side!

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