Coming from Where I'm From

January 9, 2012
By DebonaireDon SILVER, Boston, Massachusetts
DebonaireDon SILVER, Boston, Massachusetts
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Alright let me tell you about where I’m from, you see…

Where I’m from I am the Tarzan of my concrete jungle,
and I watch from rooftop to treetop as
my people Hustle,

On their way to their job or on that corner struggle ,
or fools puffing away their troubles.

But there is no escape unless you have a pen or a place that is safe in your mind

And when it’s dark you can open the blinds, which make dark hours bright filling troubled souls with light

Where I’m from there are arguments and fights and youth blast their music and write,

16 bars of pain as they stare out of window panes,
bleeding inky emotions on to blank pages

With minds blazing and saying prayers hoping that there is a God and that he really is their

To listen, and that he is risen and that his blood can truly christen .

Where I’m from life is as bitter sweet as the apple vinegar beneath my cupboard

And as rough as the coarse words that sprang from my mouth after the slaps and the “why the hell you do that’s”

To wearing all black and planning my escape by tagging places on maps.

Where I’m from the moon is sight for sore eyes ,and the inside reeks of bitterness,

And you can taste the malice, feeling the anger in the air ,

Like damn I cant give sight to the blind while visually impaired

Lost in false realities because really I was never there

Because my nightmares became a reality and my reality was a nightmare

Where I’m from I write in books where page becomes sky and my words are fly and I am free

Where I’m from the minds are trapped in lies, snared by hate, strangled by deceit ,

so the outside looks calm but the inner has no peace.

Where I’m from the people live under streetlights on dark nights, bad as Gotham, but there is no Dark Knight

So in their minds wrong is right so nothing is wrong
and the light never shines even at the crack of the dawn
and they say it is darkest before the dawn,

But what happens if that light never shines, coming from where I'm from?

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