The Passion Inside

April 16, 2008
By molly koniencki, Dover, DE

The passion inside.
The day was full of nervous hands
And beating hearts.
Your mind telling you one thing when
Yours heart and body tells you another.
Once the feeling comes it seems your heart
And body take over.
You get a new passion inside you.
When the day ends, the nervous hands
And beating hearts end and fade away.
You knew after that day came, you would have me
Hooked on you like a drug.
And the passion made something new.
It didn’t matter how much you
Hurt me, I would still want you.
I remember thinking it was the start of something great,
But you thought different.
Ending it. The passion unfortunately was still there.
Its still here burning inside me.
Like a disease. Like a Drug.
The passion I found that day will still be here.
Maybe not for you but you helped me create
This passion at one time.

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