January 6, 2012
Warm, exciting, fresh at first
Wandering, searching, but hey it gets worse
Cold, depressed, confused, above all HURT
But today I am none of these, I‘ve found worth

Things never get to me, at least not too easily
You taught me that
Don’t expect improvements you'll see and take things breezily
He taught me that
Its okay to worry, but don’t do it constantly
Love taught me that

I used to worry constantly
I used to let things get to me
I used to expect too highly
Now I shake off things easily
Now I take things lightly
Now I don’t always worry
Now I can see everything I couldn’t believe

I was confused, lonely and sad
Tried forgetting, ignoring, even getting you back
Too much effort for something I won’t have
You gave me pieces but never let me be your better half

I see you were just trying to be happy
I see you were nothing but nice to me
I see we both had our faults, both are guilty
But I never imagined I would fall in love with someone so unlike me

Prepared for the worst
If someone besides me got to your heart first
And yes, it really deeply hurt
When I least expected it to, I got so attached, lost my worth

No longer confused
I know who you would choose
If only I was close enough to touch and not hours away from your street
I would be even better than you could imagine I would be

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