My Broken Hearted Self

January 6, 2012
We were together for the longest time
It was the only real relationship I had had
I wanted it to last

I was happy
I was overjoyed
I was in love

But it all changed

We didn’t hang out much
I didn’t want to bother him
He never called
He never stopped by
He never noticed

I cried
Every night
I thought I was doing something wrong
But I reassured myself
I told myself that if he didn’t like me then we wouldn’t be together

A month passed by
And another
And another…

I bought him a Christmas present
I didn’t receive one
I told him I loved him
He didn’t answer

Finally I confronted him
He told me that he had never had anyone like him first
I told him I wanted to be with him
That I wanted to make it work
Then he let it slip

He had liked me
He had even loved me
But his feelings went away the first week
He loved someone else

He said he didn’t want to hurt me
I felt guilty to have him hurt
We broke up

I am depressed
I cry
I yell at myself
I tell myself I am not worth being with
I tell myself that I will never find anyone

I hate my broken hearted self….

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