Nobody's Hero

April 16, 2008
By Kristina Miller, Dallas, TX

And she danced in the sweet, forgiving darkness,
Searching for what she could not save,
Trying to shatter the silence that invades her peace.
And she couldn’t break the chains.

And she had the saddest smoldering eyes.
Eyes so quiet, whispering goodbye,
Apologies unheard and overdue.
And those kaleidoscope eyes slowly turned to gray.

And she’s the cliché of a teenage tragedy,
A band-aid on her heart and bruises on her arm,
From when she wore her heart on her sleeve.
And she had no one to look up to, so she looked down on herself.

And she wished upon a falling star for an angel to come
Cut her into pieces with the harsh blade of reality and
Let her dreams tape her back into something beautiful.
And she still believed every lie he ever told her.

And as grace brought her to her knees,
She finally let delicate tears splash to the cold tile,
Staining innocence with indelible ink.
And even though she was alone, she hid her dreams and nightmares.

And her broken heart wasn’t good at giving up,


This time,
It was all she had left to give.

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