Regretting Revenge

December 20, 2011
By ThisGuyOverHere BRONZE, Lemont, Illinois
ThisGuyOverHere BRONZE, Lemont, Illinois
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Wisps of hair upon my head,
They flow in the slightest wind.
I sit outside in dread,
And think of how I have sinned.
As my father lie in his death bed,
My mind was a mess of menace and malice.
He told me to forgive his killer,
I could not listen to my father’s words.
He had forgiven his own murderer,
And I couldn’t even forgive the man myself.
My mind had passed hate and gone further,
I needed vengeance.
My father was a random victim,
No cause, no want, no worry.
When I found my father’s killer,
He had tried to hurry away.
I shouldn’t have…
This man could have kids,
Was I any better than him?
Will they come after me for making their lives dim?
I killed this man,
Will I be hunted next?
Just as I have hunted my father’s killer,
Will his children hunt me down as well?
Maybe they will understand…
If only they knew the sins he committed towards my family.
If only they knew how painful it was for me…
Perhaps they do?

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