Forgotten Dreamer

April 16, 2008
By Kristina Miller, Dallas, TX

Look away, dreamer,
Before these angel eyes deceive you any further.

I know my endless apologies mean
Nothing to you anymore, but
Because you once allowed tears to
Escape because of me,
I will never be forgiven.

Please believe me, dreamer.
Until that moment when reality dawned,
I wanted nothing but to love you.
But we were destined to be strangers,
Forever separated by memories.

Don’t be disappointed yet, dreamer.
You still haven’t seen the worst of me.
Ignorance will always be my excuse
For refusing to take a chance,
And let you show me
The world.

Please, dreamer,
Can’t we go back to believing everything,
And knowing nothing at all?
It’s just the saddest thing,
When someone you know
Becomes someone you knew.

And there’s a silence so sad
In saying goodbye.

She didn’t see his beauty,
And now,
Neither does he.

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